Quality, safety and concern for the environment are our mission in our consideration towards the client, the end customer, stakeholders and society. Therefore our objectives are to provide our customers with service excellence and long-term partnership. The foundation for this is a sound economic basis and the interest in the development of a competent human resource.

As a certification organization the public and stakeholders of our clients also monitor us. Therefore it is expected that we are meeting extraordinary requirements to present ourselves as a trustworthy and competent partner with our customers. Our measurements and expectations towards our clients’ performance are connected to the capabilities of our own performance.

Consequently our internal and external partners, supporting us in the provision of our services are expected to:

Satisfy the needs of our customers

Cooperate within the organization and externally with our clients

Work in a sound partnership relation with other interest groups

Understand the needs and expectations of our accreditor

Respect the expectations of society

Satisfy the needs of our human resource.

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