Mr. Wolfgang A Richert, Dipl.Ing., Eur.Ing.

Managing Director of EQCSA (Py) Ltd

Studied mechanical engineering with specialization in thermodynamics at the University of the German Armed Forces in Hamburg, Germany

Wolfgang expertise includes management of auxiliary systems and steam propulsion plant on destroyers in the Federal German navy

Optimization of management systems for power stations in South Africa and the development implementation and monitoring of environmental management systems in South Africa

Wolfgang lectured environmental auditing and risk assessment at the Potchefstroom University between 1994 and 1998

He also Lectured at Aldo Leopold Institute for Environmental Development since 2000.

Management of environmental risk assessments and development studies.

Mr Richert was registered as a certification auditor at SGS South Africa (Pty) Ltd (1995 – 1996)

He also had DEKRA Certification Services SA (Pty) Ltd (1996 – 2003)

Mr Richert is registered as a certification auditor at TUV Rheinland (2001 – present).

Presently Mr. Richert is the Managing Director of the SANAS accredited Certification Company “Environmental Quality Certification Services Africa (Pty) Ltd” (EQCSA (Pty) Ltd).

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